March 30, 2011


As the clean-up continues across the worst earthquake and tsunami hit areas a suspected breach in a reactor core at the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant could mean more serious radioactive contamination. 

The Black Eyed Peas have joined a growing list of artists and celebrities calling attention to the disaster in Japan.
The group shot their latest music video for the single "Just Can't Get Enough" in Tokyo a few days before the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and the resulting tsunami rocked the island nation.
The video opens: "This video was filmed in Japan one week before the earthquake. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people of Japan. We love you."

this March 23, 2007 file photo, Knut, the polar bear cub, has its first public appearance with his keeper in the Berlin zoo. A Berlin zoo official says world-famous polar bear Knut has died. Bear keeper Heiner Kloes said that four-year-old Knut died Saturday afternoon while alone in his compound. 

Hundreds of people evacuated from towns and villages close to the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant are being turned away by medical institutions and emergency shelters as fears of radioactive contagion catch on.

Japan's deadly earthquake and tsunami have created problems for the global auto industry that are expected to peak here in the U.S. within the next few weeks, analysts say.

Japanese civic group members protest over the nuclear leakage at TEPCO's Fukushima nuclear power plant
We still missing over 20,000 people, and over 18,000 people lost their lives....

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